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⚓ darling, i
14 May 2019 @ 12:00 am
It offers you candy and leads you to the moors to poke holes in your brain. Cheers!

Fanfiction Masterlist

iCarlyCollapse )

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⚓ darling, i
04 October 2009 @ 05:11 pm
| 01-03: Melonie Diaz / Drake & Josh / Daria |
| 04-06: Heroes |
| 07-09: Taina |
| 10-16: iCarly |
| 17-19: Keke Palmer |
| 20-21: Selena Gomez/Jennifer Stone |

I swear that I at least took screencaps of boys. I just don't know what happened when it came to making the icons.

oops, my gay is showing.Collapse )
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⚓ darling, i
29 August 2009 @ 03:26 pm



For anything relating to the Nickelodeon and Disney channel stars. I believe crossovers will be inevitable. :D
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⚓ darling, i
29 August 2009 @ 08:56 am
So this is me trying to pull myself from a creative rut. (My icon is a reference to how well I feel it's going. Woot!) I have a massive Cam playlist so I figured this fanmix would be an easy project, only after painfully obsessing over which 12 songs to use I feel like this didn't go where I wanted it to at all.

Le sigh. I'm going to go cannibalize Shakespeare's brain now to see if it helps with the writer's block.

Your Heart On Your Sleeve
{a Carly Shay/Sam Puckett fanmix}

any day now how's about getting out of this place // anyway, got a lot of spare time // some of my youth // and all of my senses on overdriveCollapse )
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⚓ darling, i
Title: Young Girl Sunday Blues
Fandom: Drake & Josh
Summary: Everyone agreed that Mindy Crenshaw came back from that psychiatric hospital a little more human.
Rating PG - T-ish for the shenanigans of overmedicated San Diego youths and mentions of happy times with George the Textbook.
Word Count: ~3,500
Status: 1/2
Disclaimer: Is this necessary? I don't own the characters, but I might own part of the experience. :p Title from this song.
Notes: Originally written for the nick_girlslash prompt, "It's exactly what you think," only I didn't finish in time. I don't know why I started this. It started out as a Megan/Mindy drabble, but I hated that and started over. Then I started two more times before just going into stream-of-consciousness mode and getting the first thousand words of this. I'm kind of expecting no one to read it.

Takes place right after the episode "Honor Council," and the Carly in this story is the one Drake dated in "Who's Got Game" and "The Storm." I made a banner, because I figured she's probably easy to forget since it's easy to get blinded by Drake and Josh's ghey lurve.

Turns out 'Evil Genius' isn't what your parents deem a suitable career path, but a character flaw.Collapse )
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